When you need a home loan, Huggable Home Loans Townsville will save you time, remove stress, and make the process enjoyable. Our job is not finished until you are happy in your new home.

Home Loans For All Home Buyers

  • Buying Your First Home
  • Upgrading to a Larger Home
  • Buying an Investment Property
  • Building a New Home (Construction Loans)
  • Refinancing an Existing Home

How Much Do You Pay Us?

Absolutely nothing! The banks pay us. But don't worry about hidden costs or it costing more. If you go to the banks direct, it's the same rate. At Huggable Home Loans you get extra service, more attention, more options and no grey hairs. I get the grey for you :-) All for no cost.

You Sit Back and Relax

dave lamari, principal at huggable home loans

dave lamari, principal at huggable home loans

Hi, I'm Dave Lamari, Principal at Huggable Home Loans. I want you to sit back and relax, we'll do all the legwork for you. So no need to drive all over town for meetings with banks. No need to spend hours and hours visiting websites and getting confused. We do al that for you. We compare 20 lenders and hundreds of loan products. We'll find a home loan that suits your budget and needs.

And our systemised method keeps you informed of progress throughout. You will have us with you every step of the way, from pest inspection to hand over. Our job is not finished until you are happy in your new home.

Client Feedback

".... my thoughts go to how grateful I am to have had David Lamari as our Advisor. I wouldn’t be sitting here on my patio, in my fabulous home, without his help and support. His help, advice and support was extremely valuable and I can say, without a shadow of a doubt, that I would not be sitting here, sipping this tea on my new patio without his help." - Mrs Kerrin Thomas

Like to Talk?

We’re ready to meet when it suits you, where it suits you… your home, your office, even your favourite coffee shop… and the coffee? It’s on us.

PS. If you have any home loan questions please give us a call. Pick our brains. We’re always ready to help. it's what we love to do. Call (07) 4723 6000

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