At Huggable Home Loans we love to help people find the right home loan. A home loan thats suits their unique needs. It gives us the warm and fuzzies. :-)

What We Stand For

Our company stands for YOU! It is all about YOU.

It is your loan, and it better be great, just right, and huggable.

Even after we have gotten that huggable home loan for you, we are here to answer any questions you have regarding that loan or any other loan yet to come.

We won’t be transferring to a different branch or a different brokerage firm where you can’t find us in the future.

We will stay right here… for YOU! 

What We Stand Against 

We take a stand against people trying to blow wind where it doesn’t belong.

If it appears you won’t be able to get a loan, we won’t lie, or tell tall tales, we won’t say yes, yes, yes like others in the industry can and have done.

It can affect your credit file if an application is put forward willy-nilly, and is declined. We simply won’t do it.

It saves you having questions asked by the banks in a few months' time when you CAN get your loan with what would have once been your “clean” credit file.

If you won’t be able to get the loan right now, you will leave us feeling like you have got a proven plan for YOU to succeed with that loan at the right time.

We stand against breaching your confidentiality. Heck, we wouldn’t want our personal information flying around town, and we bet you don’t want yours out there either.

What Makes Us Proud

A proud moment is when we get a great wrap from a client. One client even went so far as to say they were so happy they would love to give Dave a hug… and that is when our marketing went to the “huggable home loan” slogan. 

Our History

Dave and Sandra started their own Mortgage Broking business after they had purchased a few investment properties and were disappointed with the service they got while they were looking for loans with other brokers and banks.

They looked into buying a franchise but Dave’s uncle, who was a broker in Cairns, gave them great advice and helped them set up their own business here in Townsville.

Dave and Sandra started Choice Finance in July 2006, working from home for the first 5 years. 

In 2009 Dave fortuitously got the Home Finance contract with the new (at the time) Stockland development at North shore. This is where Dave is to be found most weekends.

Then in 2011 they found and moved into the office on Thuringowa Drive in Kirwan.

In 2015 Choice Finance Townsville became Huggable Home Loans.